F.A.Q.'s updated May.13.2012

  1. What is Darkest Midnight? Darkest Midnight is the home of my favorite stories with the pairing of Harry/Draco, Harry/Severus or a combination of all three.
  2. Why that name? The darkest part of midnight is my favorite time of day; that place between awake and asleep where it's so silent and peaceful it's like a little bit of Nirvana. That's the feeling I get when reading some of these stories.
  3. Didn't this site used to be called something else? Yes. Since I started this archive in 2006, it was originally called "Phasmatis Laqueus" and was hosted on my ISP home server at Charter Webpages. But [as of May 2008], I have been unable to ftp updates to the site so I moved it to it's own domain.
  4. Why did you move your site to a Wiki? What happened to your domain site? With the rising costs of maintaining a domain, I can no longer afford the yearly upkeep. So I'm slowly transferring the archive here and quietly letting my account close.
  5. Are all the stories here slash? No. There are a few [Snarries] where Severus becomes Harry's mentor or father-figure.
  6. What is slash? Slash is a genre of fan fiction where the two main characters are male and engaged in a sexual relationship together. But note that some of these fics are not always slashy. I think I may have a few Mentor!Severus fics.
  7. How often do you update and is there any hope that those WiPs will be updated? As often as I need to, usually if a story catches my eye. There's always hope. Try writing to the author…maybe they need a reminder they have a story out there in limbo.
  8. Hey! One of my own fics is on here. Can you take it down please? I'd be more than happy to. Tell me which one it is and I'll take it down immediately.
  9. I see you do affiliates. Can I be affiliated? Sure! Be sure to send me a graphic (no bigger than 173x100), a link and a very short description of your site.
  10. Do you take recommendations? What about broken links? Feel free to leave me a comment on my guestbook about either of these items.
  11. Is there a way to contact you other than the guestbook? Certainly. You can either email me, or leave me a blog comment if you'd rather not use the guestbook.
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